Don't Be A Copy Cat!

Jan 18, 2017

Hello 2017

Someday I wish to go back. Back to where my heart belongs, where my mind is at peace, 
where my soul radiates optimism. 

Back to where I can feel the fire in my belly, the wooziness in my head,The quiver in my body. 

But till then, let me move ahead, feel new emotions, experience new struggles, connect with new, positive energies. 
Let me look forward, to miracles, celebrations and fortitude.
For I am here to stay and the battles I fight are never going to be stronger than I am. 

2016, I am grateful. Thank you for being the biggest and toughest lesson of my life. 2017, I'm waiting for you with open arms. I know you are going to be great! ❤


Woh kehte hai humse na karo itni mohabbat,
Ki dil tootey toh jud na paaye,
Saath choothey toh mil na paaye,
Din ya raat kat na paaye.

Mohabbat ki raah pe hum aage nikal aaye,
Dil toot gaya toh har tukde se karenge mohabbat,
Saath choothega kaise, haath chodenge kyu,
Din ya raat, sapno ko kaun rok paye?

Aug 23, 2014

If you fall...

If you fall, learn to get up by yourself.
Sometimes the ones who give you a hand,
Will be the ones who are pushing you down.

Sometimes the ones who are by your side,
Will be the ones not aware of your fright.

Sometimes the ones you trust,
Will be out of reach.

Sometimes the ones you love.
Will be the ones who hurt.

If you fall, get up by yourself.
If you are hurt, heal yourself.
If you are angry, calm yourself.
If you fall, you have yourself.

Feb 25, 2014

Have you ever?

Have you ever wondered if you are a real person or is this just a dream?
Have you ever wondered if you would be the way you are if you were born in another part of the world?
Have you ever wondered if you had one wish what would it be?
Have you ever wondered if you were a nice human being?

I wonder if these thoughts come to someone else's mind? Have you ever wondered?

Jan 1, 2013

Goodbye 2012

It was a year of falling down and standing back up to kick ass. It was a year of making new friends and sticking to the old. It was a year of rediscovering the importance of family. It was a year of knowing 'what I don't want to be', even if 'what I want to be' is vague. It was a year of proving some douchebags wrong. It was a year of learning, growing and moving on. Thank you to the ones who came into my life and made it better and the ones who left and made me stronger :) 2012 has been kind. Bring it on, 2013! Happy new year! :D

Sep 13, 2012

Small Joys!

  1. Coincident meetings.
  2. Oh my god! Trending in India.
  3. Pasta for lunch! #win
  4. Unexpected compliment. *blush*
  5. SALE! 
  6. Happy Hours! *dances*
  7. Jalebis. Mmm.
  8. Baarish! *dances again*
  9. Wine in the fridge. #win
  10. Chocolate in the fridge #doublewin
  11. SALE!
  12. 'Cute guy likes your photo.'
  13. Ragda Pattice and Kalakhatta Gola
  14. Surprises! 
  15. Karaoke
  16. Andaz Apna Apna on TV
  17. Hot Chocolate
  18. Old music
  19. XL T-shirts
  20. Rasgullas. *burp*
  21. Rainbows
  22. Cheesecake!
  23. Long drives
  24. Longer rides
  25. and the list goes on...
I'm busy, you are busy. But don't forget to make some time for the smaller things in life. Someday, they will be the things that really mattered.

Jul 7, 2012

Let's not grow up...

Everyone asks you to grow up. All the time. My mom says, "Clean your room, pick up your books, set your wardrobe, grow up already!" Dad says, "Stop being on the phone all the time, don't text while eating, sleep early, grow up!" I tell myself, "Stop being silly, take life seriously, it's time to grow up." 
In a month, I turn 24, 6 years since I was 18. 6 years, since I became an adult. I still don't know where I am headed in life, I still don't know when I will be five years from now. Does that make me sad? I still don't know.

Today, while watching a video from school, I realized how quickly we have grown up, or grown out of things. Grown out of friendships, grown out of families, grown out of innocence. How is growing up a good thing then? 

I still love making cards on  birthdays, I still love my room messy, I still love talking on the phone for hours, I still love stuffing my face with chocolate cakes and I still love sleeping late and waking up even later. Being grown up doesn't make me happier, it makes me try to convince myself that I'm happier. So let's do ourselves a favour, and let's not grow up, if it means, being serious, unhappy, constant and boring. I'd rather be spontaneous and silly? 

Jun 26, 2012


"Hear me out, hear me out!"
She screached.
"Just once, hear me out."
She pleaded.

The voices around were too loud.
She was trying to be louder. Failed.
Nobody could here her choking voice.
Nobody could see her wither.